Everything You Need to Know About Abs, Made Ridiculously Simple

It is very possible for 100% of people to have a six-pack, because 100% of us already have one. Being able to see it is another thing. Though a visible six-pack is not very useful for many working professionals who wear clothes all day, being able to see it is a confidence booster for some people.  Here are some facts:

Typically, your six-pack tends to be extremely noticeable once your body fat composition drops below 10% for men and 19% for women

-Here is a body Fat percentage calculator with tips:  http://bit.ly/KlDFCA

Only a very small percentage of people can actually see their six-pack despite what you may see on TV.

The presence or absence of a six pack is no indication of cardiovascular health, which is more important.

            - The Visible Components of an excellent six pack

The Rectus Abdominis Muscles – Each pack in a your average 6 pack

The Linea Alba – The line  that vertically separates each set of 3 rectus abdominis muscles into left and right. It is a line of hard connective tissue beneath the skin.

Tendinous Intersections – Are the lines that cut horizontally across each set of two rectus abdominis muscles.

The External Obliques are the muscles that form the V-cut in many six packs

 Serratus Anterior – Not part of the six pack per se but these muscles can be seen on most people with

                                                                                                                            a six pack. They are close to yourarmpits and  look like sharks teeth.

How to Get It

1. Bring down body fat percentage. This is the most important because this is beneficial for health in general. Also, without a low body fat percentage, the six-pack will not be visible. Key ways to do this: increase lean muscle mass by lifting weights and extensive aerobics (dance, sports, run, Nintendo wii, P90X, etc.). Eat less carbs, replace with more protien, fruits, and vegetables. Eat all things in moderation.

2. Increase muscle mass in abs. Do this by progressively adding more weight to your ab excercise. for instance hold a 10 lb plate while doing crunches. After 1 or 2 weeks, use15 lbs. Track your progress.

3. Stay organized, write a schedule, find time, because it takes a lot of time. Ex. Schedule 1 hr for the gym: 45min workout, 15min shower. Work HARD.

The Difference between an Average and Above Average Six Pack:

The difference is in the amount of segmentation that can be seen by an onlooker.  The segmentation is due to muscle hypertrophy or muscle growth in conjuction with a decrease in the thickness of abdominal fat. If you were laying on your back and looking towards your feet, the top of each rectus abdominis muscle must be significantly higher than the level of the flat midline, the linea alba. They must also hypertrophy above the level of each tendinous intersection.


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